Pastor's Corner

Dear Friends in Christ,

Time indeed seems to fly! Already Christmas decorations are put away, and it is time to think of the hearts and flowers (and chocolate candy!) of Valentine's Day. It is a day set aside to tell those who are special just how much we love them.

Unfortunately there are many who will not be receiving a special note of love on that day. They may be forgotten in nursing homes; they may live alone, isolated from the outside world for a variety of reasons; they may be teenagers with no direction and no one who cares enough to guide them; or they may be small children who have no parents or whose parents have so many problems themselves that they neglect their small ones.

But these people are not unloved for Christ loves them. They are God's children. This is the Good News we have to share and are called to share. But who will tell them? Will you?

We are the bearers of the Good News. We are to tell them of the love Christ has for them. Christ's instruments of peace and love to ALL the world.

We, the Church, the body of Christ, can reach out in many ways through our Mission, Deacons, Christian Education, Food Pantry, Friday Night Happening, the Soup Kitchen, Nursery School, and our worship and music programs as well as through the community. It is not just money we need. And yes, we do need money,. But, we also need many hands to do the work. Too often we assume that our money will solve the problem. ALL of us are the body of Christ. Therefore, ALL of us are responsible for witnessing to the world of Christ's saving love.

A popular song sung at church gatherings states, "...and they'll know we are Christians by our love." Throughout the month of February, think of a way you can show God's love to someone else and dedicate yourself to that task.

The blessings of God be with you,