Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Mission Statement

The Goals of Youth Ministry Are...

  • to provide youth an experience of Christian community.
  • to provide youth a context for discussing the interaction of scripture, faith, and issues in their personal life.
  • to develop in youth a commitment to following Christ's call to serve and love one another in mission.
  • to develop in youth a sense of the importance of worship.
  • to provide adult Christian role models and mentors, from a variety of lifestyles and ages if possible.
  • to provide youth a grounding in the faith and the church that will both help the youth now and stand them in good stead in the future.
  • to provide youth an alternative peer environment.
  • to provide youth broader contact with and greater opportunities for service to Connecticut Farms Church.
  • to develop leadership skills in youth.

Our Youth Leaders will use this mission statement to measure and evaluate our program for the coming year. We ask that you keep us and our teens in your prayers as we attempt to strengthen their relationship with us, with each other, and with our risen Lord.

Youth group news and events

Connecticut Farms Church presents FRIDAY HAPPENING, a youth ministry program for Union middle school youth.

Tickets can be purchased at the church door for $3 with proof of Union school attendance with a report card or class schedule. A FRIDAY HAPPENING ID will be issued to the student which allow subsequent ticket purchases at the door. IDs can also be used for seasonal discounts, special purchases in the snack bar and door prizes.

In a change of policy - Tickets can only be purchased at the FRIDAY HAPPENING door of the church at the time of the event. They are no longer available in the Middle schools.

FRIDAY HAPPENING is restricted to Union Middle school youth of public and catholic middle schools.
Ticket sales are limited to the first 150 purchased.

FRIDAY HAPPENING has a no tolerance policy with hate language, physical violence or drug or alcohol use.

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